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Free Range Therapeutics

We're passionate about helping you relieve your aches and pains, whether from daily stress, injury, or chronic conditions.
Massage Therapy for all your aches and pains

Our Services

Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic massage addresses specific muscle pains, imbalances, injuries and chronic conditions using a variety of techniques. Some of these techniques include deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, direct fascial techniques, reciprocal inhibition, static pressure, joint mobilization and many others.

Cupping Massage

Cupping therapy uses various plastic or silicone cups to apply suction to the body tissues. This method creates stretching while stimulating blood and lymph circulation to the underlying musculature and tissues including fascia. Because of the depth of its effect, cupping is among the best deep tissue myo-fascial therapies available. Cupping can be incorporated as a small part of a regular therapeutic massage or can be used exclusively for the full treatment time.

Prenatal Massage

Prenatal massage helps to ease the aches and pains of pregnancy, relieve stress, and prepare the body for labour. Special positioning is used and certain techniques, essential oils, and areas of the body are avoided in order to ensure the health and comfort of both mom and baby.

Children and Youth Massage

Massage therapy isn't just for adults, kids get sore muscles too. From injuries to sports to sitting at a desk, there are many reasons why kids and teens can benefit from massage.

Couples Massage

Couples massages are great for anniversaries and Valentine's Day. We also have many clients that choose a couples massage when their partner is new to massage therapy and isn't comfortable coming in for a massage on their own.

What our clients are saying


Why haven’t you made an appointment yet!

Bernie G.

I highly recommend both Jenn and Yves to everyone I know.

April G.

Cupping was great. I find massages usually are painful, but not cupping. Felt much better when I left.

Debbie M.

My massage was very helpful and relaxing. I learned that my issues are correctable. Very pleased.

Jordan M.

Experience was great! Definitely go back again and recommend to friends

Madeline C.

Excellent as usual!

Mouhamed M.

Really professional!


Welcoming and clean environment. Online check-in for first-timers gave me an issue, but once I connected with them over the phone it was resolved. Free Range Therapeutics is definitely now my go-to spot for a massage in town.


Excellent pre-assessment experience.

Susan C.

Very informative.


Complimentary Assessment

All clients receive a free assessment at the beginning of their appointment that may include palpation, posture and gait assessment, range of motion testing, and special orthopedic testing. This assessment takes 5 - 15 minutes and does not cut into your treatment time. The assessment allows us to determine:

The root cause of the issue as well as any contributing factors

Whether or not the issue is within our scope of practice to treat

Gives us the information we need to develop a safe and effective treatment plan for you

Helps us determine if we need to refer your case to a doctor or other practitioner

Conditions We Can Treat or Help

Therapeutic massage can treat or help a wide variety of conditions including:

Strain and sprain injuries

Postural dysfunction and muscle imbalances

Overuse injuries such as tendinitis, bursitis, plantar fasciitis, and frozen shoulder

Arthritis and joint dysfunctions

Nerve compression syndromes such as carpal tunnel, sciatica, and thoracic outlet

Headaches, migraines, and more!

Owner, Massage Therapist

Yves is an RMT Graduate from MH Vicars 2200 hours program in November 2020. He enjoys working with people to help relieve pain or discomfort from injuries or chronic conditions. Yves uses a variety of massage modalities in his practice including deep tissue therapeutic massage, trigger point therapy, fascial release techniques, joint mobilization, and active inhibition techniques.

Owner, Massage Therapist

Jenn Doucet is a massage therapist in the Lesser Slave Lake area of northern Alberta and she loves helping her clients bring their bodies back into balance naturally. Jenn uses a variety of massage modalities in her practice including Swedish relaxation massage, deep tissue therapeutic massage, cupping therapy, trigger point therapy, fascial release techniques, joint mobilization, active inhibition techniques, TMJ massage, and pre/postnatal massage.